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Miss Jelly Fish: Leaving Planet Earth

back cover Board game rules!



If you complete the challenge - move one space ahead. 

Move two spaces ahead if you complete the challenge in the foreign language. 


If your challenge needs a partner both move two spaces ahead if successfully completing the task in the foreign language.


If you do not complete the challenge - do not move from your space.


100. You are lost in the city just like Mr Smart Crab and Miss Jelly Fish. Describe to the other players which buildings are opposite the bench?

33. Without talking, act out some part of the book. Before starting, tell the others: Guess what I am doing now? The others must guess by asking questions like: Are you playing in the sand now? Are you Mr Smart Crab? If somebody guesses, you both move two spaces ahead.

10. Play ballet for us. Come on :)

8. Make a staring contest. Choose a partner. Whoever blinks first, does not move from their space.

5.  With the construction “There is/There are” describe the room.

12. Without laughing, sing and dance “Head and shoulders, knees and toes”. If you don’t smile, move two spaces ahead.

36. What are the names of the robots and what do they like doing?

99. Search in the house for a hammer, a book, a spoon and a towel.

21. Say a word in the foreign language. The next player must say a word in the foreign language starting with the last letter of the word that was just said and so on. The player who cannot think of a word must hug everybody and not move from their space. Everybody else moves two spaces ahead. (Example: banana - apple - elephant - tiger - rich - happy)

15. Sing one page from the book in both languages as a rap song or pop song or opera or rock, you name it.

98. Play hangman in the foreign language. Choose an opponent. If they guess the word, they move 2 spaces ahead. If they don't, you move 2 spaces ahead.

20. Make a mindmap similar to the one of Miss Jelly Fish - make sectors for hobbies, favorite things, family, friends etc. You have time until your next turn to draw it. Present it to the others and move ahead 2 spaces if is in the foreign language.

9. Play “Paper, Rock, Scissors”. Choose an opponent. Whoever wins, moves one space ahead.

5. You are a movie director - give roles to everybody and instruct them which dialogue to play out. Or improvise a new dialogue! Use stage props or just dress up for more fun and authenticity. 

6. Congratulations! Move as many spaces as unique new foreign words you can say in 5 seconds. Go, Go, Go! 

50. Play a game of “Simon Says”. For every unique command you give, you move a space ahead. If is in the foreign language-two spaces ahead.
Hint: you can use the verbs raise, jump, touch, press, sit down, stand up, dance, move, pinch, hug etc. 

Also use the nouns: knee, hand, arm, shoulder, head, tooth, ear, eyebrow, mouth, leg, foot, nose, hair, toe, finger, waist. 

60. Choose a random page from the book, read it without showing the page and ask the others to draw what you’ve just read. Choose the best drawing and together with its author both move two spaces ahead.

77. Make a funny face!

0. Choose a random page from the book. Cover the native language and translate as many words as you can in 5 seconds. Move as many spaces as words you managed to translate.

44. Sing your favorite song. Everybody clap, please!

17. Make up a dance. Make everybody dance with you! 

Miss Jelly Fish’s official digital dice!

Embark on an interstellar adventure with Miss Jelly Fish’s official digital dice! Join Miss Jelly Fish and her friends on an extraordinary journey through space and time exploring seven different planets. Roll the dice, explore the galaxy, and encounter thrilling surprises along the way. The digital dice not only features the numbers 1 to 6 but also introduces exciting special faces for a truly immersive experience.

Unique Dice Options: In addition to the numbers 1 to 6, the digital dice includes special options that add twists and turns to your gameplay. Roll a 7 for an extra boost, encounter -1 to take a step backwards, trigger a Boom to return to START, or get an X2 to double your next roll!