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One of a kind bilingual book to make children learn Spanish or English while having fun!


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    What you can find in the book?

    “Miss Jelly Fish and The Amazing Adventure” is:

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      And even more...

      • Enormous accumulation of semantic knowledge on the topics of family, nature, buildings, transportation, description of a person/animal, directions.

      • Clever and consistent grammar plan featuring all basic tenses.

      • Story encompassing morality and science as our friends travel to 7 different planets and conquer a deadly sin.

        • As a foreigner living in Bulgaria, it’s hard to find children's books to read to my children until one day I found exactly what I was searching for when I read Miss Jelly Fish.
          A multilingual book that teaches verbs, nouns, adjectives not in one but two languages, thanks to this book my children are learning a new language without even realizing it; because it’s so well designed and tells such wonderful, interesting and fun stories.
          Lorenzo Iacopelli
          Sicily, Italy
        • My son’s meeting with the suggestopedic story of Miss Jelly Fish and its author Geri revived his love towards English language. Geri’s system compensated for Max’s refusal to learn English in the traditional way at school with boring homework. Soon he surpassed his classmates and yes, the story about Miss Jelly Fish and Mr Smart Crab is really magic because it makes miracles with children. Thank you, Gery!
          Desi Danailova
        • I loved it- all the little things in it that teach language in a subtle way. Wonderful! And the story is delightful.
          Bruce Whitfield
        • As a mother seeing my daughter struggle with the boring Spanish lessons at school was a torment. We decided to try with the book about Miss Jelly Fish as a game but very quickly she loved it, loved the characters, the story and out of the blue was familiar with words and expressions in Spanish that before that she simply avoided. Her Spanish teacher e-mailed me to ask how we have achieved such a progress. Well, with a book, I said. A book?!? Yep. A miracle-maker book :)
          Katarina Holecek


          Thank you!